Frequently Asked Questions

Do birds/bats/bees/ladybugs/butterflies really use your houses?

What a great question! For Bee Boxes, the answer is absolutely!

Our bat houses are designed in such a way that bats are naturally drawn to them. And, it’s much better that they are naturally drawn to a bat house rather than to your house!

Birds will use any safe, well-drained box, but they love well-designed and decorated birdhouses. Seriously, there is nothing that prevents any bird from using a bird house, and most will happily use ours!

Butterflies? Well, let’s just say that there’s nothing that prevents them from using it. But, there’s nothing that particularly attracts them either. It’s just nice to have a shady place to hide, don’t you think? Same with lady bugs.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do! We are working to improve our wholesaler’s experience on the website right now. but if you’d like to apply early, please create an account and send an e-mail to requesting access to our wholesale site. To save time, please include:

  • Company Name (including d/b/a if applicable)
  • Years In Business
  • Website URL
  • Tax ID Number

Please note that we have quantity thresholds and require credit card payment on first-time orders. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail ( or toll-free at 888-490-9046.

How do I clean out my birdhouse?

Heartwood birdhouses come with a few different clean out options.  Look at the back of your birdhouse, if you see a small square metal plate then you have the clean out hole style.

If you have a clean out hole:

The clean out hole is covered by a small copper plate.  Simply take a screwdriver and remove the plate.  You may need to shake the house to loosen the nest, then remove it with your fingers or needle-nosed pliers.  Re-attach the plate, and you are done!

If you do not have a clean out hole:

Contact us at or 1-888-490-9046.

How do I mount my birdhouse?

Most of our houses come with mounting capabilities.  Your new birdhouse may have a metal hook on the back, a wooden paddle, or a hook for hanging.  Larger houses come with a built in post pocket on the bottom (to be used with a 4×4 post), or a metal mounting plate.  Below are instructions on how to install your house using the metal mounting plate.

  1. This Mounting Plate is designed to be used with a 4×4 post
    that can be purchased at any home and garden store
  2. Install the 4×4 in the desired location
  3. Place the Mounting Plate on top of the 4×4, with the 4 inner holes centered on the post
  4. Using the 4 longest screws, screw the plate into the post
  5. Place the birdhouse on top of the Mounting Plate
  6. From underneath the birdhouse, screw the 4 shortest screws into each outside corner of the Mounting Plate
  7. Your birdhouse should now be securely attached to your post
How many years have you been in business?

We were established in 1992 in a garage in Star, Mississippi USA.

I have faulty products, who should I contact?

We’re sorry! All of our products are hand-made and sometimes accidents happen! We will make it right, though! Just give us a call at 888-490-9046 or e-mail us at

Thank you!

I noticed your feeders are made of Cellular PVC. What is that?

Cellular PVC is completely synthetic and maintenance free wood substitute. It will not absorb moisture, crack, split, warp, delaminate or rot. You have the rich appearance of wood with none of the maintenance issues related to painted wood. It maintains a “like new” appearance in all types of weather. Cellular PVC requires no paint for protection or appearance. It also resists wood-boring insects, freeze/thaw cycles and high humidity.

What are your opening hours?

We are open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central on weekdays, excluding holidays. If you would like to make arrangements to visit us outside of normal business hours, please contact us at 888-490-9046 or email

What is your refund policy?

You can return any product within 30 days from the shipping date for a full product refund. Just give us a call at 888-490-9046 or email us at to make arrangements. For buyers remorse or incorrectly ordered items, you will be responsible for returning the products to our factory. Once we receive the item(s) in resalable condition, we will gladly issue a refund.

Where do you get the mahogany to build your birdhouses?

Everyone appreciates the beauty and durability of mahogany furniture, but behind that beauty is an impossible standard of perfection: normal manufacturing requires that 16′ boards be completely free of defects. That means a lot of rejects, which in turn meant an opportunity for Heartwood when we were able to purchase a substantial supply of salvage stock. Today, Heartwood mahogany homes are the only mahogany birdhouses in the world, yet we didn’t cut a single tree. That’s true beauty!

Why did my birdhouse come in a lawnmower box?

Working with a local box factory, Heartwood is able to use box over-runs made from post consumer fiber, rather than having new boxes manufactured. While this means a lawnmower ad may cover one side of the Heartwood box, we think you will appreciate the savings in costs-and-trees-especially since these containers are recyclable and sturdy, with double-wall corrugation and handholds for ease and durability. Inside, our homes are packed with clean and recyclable unprinted newsprint salvaged from a large daily paper.

Will the cast iron finial on my birdhouse rust?

Absolutely! Cast iron has been used for centuries to construct bridges and buildings, cannons and pipes, and skillets for that perfect pan of cornbread. But at Heartwood we use cast iron for finials to top off many of our handcrafted USA made birdhouses. Keep in mind that when exposed to the elements, cast iron will do what cast iron does – it will RUST! We love the organic nature of the iron and the aged look that the rust provides. However, if you prefer to keep your finial looking a bit more new, simply spray an aerosol clear coating (purchased at any hardware store) over it before mounting.