Original Freeman Beetle Trap Bottom w/Tray – 10 Frame


The Small Hive Beetle are a pest to beekeepers all over North America, Hawai’i, and Australia. Beetles infecting a hive can completely destroy it in a very short time. Developed by Jerry Freeman of Hamburg, Arkansas, the Original Freeman Beetle Trap is a simple, safe, and effective way to eliminate small hive beetle infestation.

This trap consists of two components: coated galvanized steel mesh bottom and a plastic tray beneath filled with cooking oil. The small hive beetles are pursued through the mesh by guard bees, trapping them in the oil where they suffocate and die quickly. Gravity does most of the work! The oil is not toxic, and over time, the trap virtually eliminates small hive beetle infestation.

Four universities have successfully tested the trap, including Mississippi State and Clemson. It is designed to last season after season. Used oil obtained from fast food restaurants works fine, and may be obtained freely.

Other materials may be used as well: water with a few drops of liquid detergent works well. However, used oil seems to be the simplest and least expensive method. We suggesting using half-gallon of plain water with one pint of oil.

  • Made from rot- and insect-resistant Cypress, just like our birdhouses!
  • Plastic trays are rugged and long-lasting
  • Mesh will not harm the bees
  • Fastened with staples and screws
  • Reinforced construction to withstand heavy use
  • Also available in 8-frame and 5-frame Nuc sizes
  • Tray slides out of the back for servicing
  • Designed to keep bees out of the oil tray
  • Slanted entrance board

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